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JRI MySirius is a versatile registration- and security system for measuring temperature and humidity in refrigerators, freezers, and incubators. The basis of the system is the MySirius cloud software, which has been developed from yearlong experience into a very user friendly and advanced monitoring system. For the local wireless data loggers, JRI has two different systems with each their own unique benefits. The Nano SPY data loggers for short distances and a higher data frequency and the LoRa SPY data loggers for a greater wireless reach through the public KPN or a secure private LoRa network.
MySirius cloud software

The JRI MySirius data registration software works completely in the cloud, making implementation very easy. The software is easily adjustable to your wishes and is built modularly, which means you only pay for the functions that you use. Another large benefit of the cloud software is that this software will always have the latest version, making local updates unnecessary. The LoRa and Nano SPY recorders can both be managed and secured, combining both solutions in one system is also possible.

Nano SPY data loggers

The Nano SPY recorders communicate over distances of at maximum 40 metres (depending on the building) with a central LINK. This device sends the measurements of multiple wireless Nano data loggers to the MySirius cloud-software. The LINK is also directly a local visual alarm because of its edges that can give red light in the case of an alarm. If the internet connection is broken, then the Nano SPY’s LINK is always accessible using Bluetooth. The Nano data loggers are also very interesting for (blood)transport because of the special transport function. The data loggers connect automatically when these get back in range of the LINK. Furthermore, they communicate with different LINKs. This makes for example the transport of puncture cases between different locations possible.

LoRa SPY data loggers

The LoRa SPY data recorders communicate through the public LoraWAN, that in the Netherlands has national coverage through KPN, or through a self-setup local LoRa network. Through the strong LoRa signal it’s possible to place the loggers almost everywhere, even in fridges with the door closed. The local display on the logger displays the latest measurements and the recorders send the data directly via the LoraWAN network to the MySirius software in the cloud. In the display version there is also a light sensor, making it possible to also generate an alarm when the fridge door stays open too long.


JRI wireless temperatureregistration en monitoring system series LoRa SPY

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The LoRa SPY data recorders use the public LoraWAN network, which has national coverage in the Netherlands via provider KPN. Due to the strong LoRa signal it is possible to place the loggers almost everywhere, even in fridges with the door closed. The local display on the logger shows the last measured value and the recorders send their data directly to the MySirius software in the cloud via th...
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JRI cloud data-acquisition software series MySirius

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The JRI MySirius application allows fully customizable management thanks to a dashboard and modules adapted to needs and jobs of the users. The data transmitted by the LoRa® SPY connected temperature sensors are easily overseen and managed on - full-web platform. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive and customizable with different indicators and favorites offering a data management adap...
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