Level sensors for hydraulics and pneumatics

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Barksdale hydraulic level switch series UNS1000-BN18

SKU W-9000250
These compact level switches are ideal for monitoring hydraulic Power Packs. The UNS1000-BN18 are custom made with lengths up to 600 mm. Optional,a temperature monitoring can be mounted in the stem of the float.

Barksdale multi level switch series UNS1000-MS

SKU W-9000253
The brass multi float switches with NBR floats in the series UNS1000-VA are available with one to five switching points. These level switches for top mounting are custom made in any length up to one meter. With the standard 1 "BSP connection, these floats can be easily mounted into a socket on top of a tank.

Barksdale electronic level transmitter series BLS3000

SKU W-9000380
The BLS3000 is an electronic version of a traditional float switch. On the clear LCD display you can read the current level and with the built-in PNP contacts you can monitor a low or high level. In addition to the switching outputs, there are also versions with an analogue 4-20 mA, or 0-10 Volt output. The BLS3000 can be used as a float switch, but also as a level transmitter.

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