Carbon monoxide CO transmitters

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Kimo Sauermann

Kimo carbon monoxide switch series COST

SKU 2020802
Kimo COST series is a carbon monoxide switch with indicator. The COST is ideal to use as security against carbon monoxide poisoning. The status LED indicates if an alarm level is exceeded and the audio-visual alarm warns at a high concentration of CO. The installation is very easy because the enclosure can be mounted in two parts, making it ideal for installers.
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Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer carbon monoxide CO transmitter series GSTA

SKU 2023238
The Dwyer GSTA series is a carbon monoxide (CO) transmitter for room or channel mounting. The GSTA series can be selected with and without display and has a 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output. Optionally there is an implementation with Modbus or BACnet communication.
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