Differential pressure meters for hydraulics and pneumatics

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Orange differential pressure gauge series 1201

SKU W-9000002
The 1201 series pressure gauges are available with housings of aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Optionally there is also a waterproof housing or explosion proof version available. The maximum static pressure is 350 bar. The measuring element is a piston-type. The Orange Research instruments are ideal for monitoring filters for gas and liquid.

Barksdale electronic differential pressure switch series BDS3000 with IO-link

SKU W-9000490
The Barksdale BDS3000 series is an electronic differential pressure switch, designed for monitoring (hydraulic) filter systems. There are versions with one or two switching contacts, but also with an analog output, so that it can be used as a differential pressure transmitter. There are different measurement ranges from 350 mbar to 35 bar. The BDS3000 is suitable as filter monitoring, but can a...

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