Pneumatic instrumentation

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Foxboro by Schneider Electric

Foxboro pneumatic differential pressure transmitters series 13A, 13HA and 15A

SKU W-9000453
The Foxboro® brand Models 15A, 13A, and 13HA pneumatic d/p Cell transmitters measure differential pressure and transmit a standard pneumatic signal to receivers which may be several hundred metres or yards away. Foxboro d/p Cell Transmitters have been the standard of process industry ever since they were developed and introduced for sale more than 30 years ago. Many thousands of successful, tro...
Foxboro by Schneider Electric

Foxboro Eckardt pneumatic buoyancy level transmitter series 167LP

SKU W-9000491
The 167LP pneumatic buoyancy transmitter is designed to perform measurements for liquid level, interface level and density of liquids. The measurement is based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle that works without any moving parts. The 167LP provides a 3-15 psi (0,2-1 bar) pressure output. Beacause of the fully pneumatic design without electronics it can withstand extreme high and low tempera...
Foxboro by Schneider Electric

Pneumatic indicating controller series 43AP

SKU W-9000526

The Foxboro 43AP pneumatic controller is a versatile process instrument controller that can be used to control pressure, temperature, flow and level. As with all process controllers, the Foxboro 43AP pneumatic controller continuously detects the difference between a process measurement and its set point.

Foxboro by Schneider Electric

Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Transmitter Series 11GM

SKU W-9000527

The Foxboro Model 11GM Transmitters accurately measure gauge pressure and transmit a proportional pneumatic output signal to receivers which may be several hundred meters or yards away.

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