Air quality measurement for hospitals and pharmaceutical industrie

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Kimo Sauermann

Kimo humidity transmitter series TH210

SKU 2020728
The Kimo TH210 series is a relative humidity transmitter with or without display. The TH210 is ideal to use as temperature and humidity measurement in air ducts and rooms for connection to a building management system. The transmitter calculates the absolute humidity, dew point, wet and dry bulb temperature. For temperatures up to 180°C stainless steel sensors are available. There are also seve...
Kimo Sauermann

Kimo multifunctional transmitter series C310

SKU 2021719
The new C310 series are multifonctional transmitters which can be extended by an internal pressure module and two external probes. The display can show up to 4 parameters, but can also display a trend graph and the min/max values of each channel. The C310 has two analog outputs, which can be extended by two more. Modbus and Ethernet communication are available as an option.

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