Hand held instruments for air handling HVAC

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Dwyer thermo-hygrometer series 485B

Model 485B is a compact, hand-held instrument for measuring percentage of relative humidiy and temperature in °C or °F and also calculates dew point and wet...

Dwyer digital manometer series 490A

Series 490A Digital Manometers are versatile, hand-held, battery operated manometers available in several basic ranges for positive or positive differential...

Kimo vane anemometer series LV110

The LV110 series offers three different vane probes for measuring air velocities. There are van probes of 14, 70 and 100 mm. Standard functions: min, max, ho...

Kimo thermo anemometer series VT110

Reliable and accurate handheld meter to measure air velocity and flow. The VT110 series has a hotwire sensor with a built-in temperature sensor. Standard fun...

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