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Barksdale flow switch series BFS-10

SKU W-9000089
Barksdale has a wide range of flow switches for oil or water. You have the choise of twelve models, each with different process connections, different ranges and pressure limits. The flow switches are available with or without indication.

Barksdale electronic pressure switch series UDS1-V2

SKU W-9000248
Electronic pressure switch for pressure control with internal stainless steel diaphragm, with 2 solid state outputs or 1 solid state output with adjustable hysteresis. Measuring ranges available from 0 ...10 bar to 0...600 bar. The UDS1V2 is ideal for OEM applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Barksdale electronic pressure switch series UDS3

SKU 2018358
Electronic pressure switch for pressure control with internal stainless steel diaphragm, digital display, 4 switching outputs and 1 analog output. OEM applications, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, heavy industry and plant engineering, automobile industry

FineTek compact OEM pressure switch series SQ

SKU 2023811
The FineTek SQ series pressure switch is ideal for building in industrial machines and hydraulic power packs due to its compact size. There are standard versions of 10 to 300 bar with an adjustable switching point and a DIN43650 form A connector for the electrical connection. Optionally there are also custom models with an NPT process connection, a fixed switching point and choice of other mate...

Orange differential pressure gauge series 1201

SKU W-9000002
The 1201 series pressure gauges are available with housings of aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Optionally there is also a waterproof housing or explosion proof version available. The maximum static pressure is 350 bar. The measuring element is a piston-type. The Orange Research instruments are ideal for monitoring filters for gas and liquid.

Barksdale Shear-Seal valves series 9000-9020

SKU W-9000354
The Barksdale 9000 series manually operated valves are ideal for (hydraulic) liquids and gases up to 24 bar. The famous Shear-Seal® technology of the Barksdale valves offers reliable performance and long life for manual operation of industrial processes and applications. The versatile design of this valve offers possibilities for an ideal configuration for a customized installation.

Barksdale hand-operated OEM valves series 9040-9080

SKU W-9000356
Barksdale's hand-operated OEM valve line offers exceptional directional regulation for liquids and gases up to 34 bar in the toughest industrial applications. Using Barksdale's Shear-Seal® technology, the OEM valves provide reliable performance and long life, even when the media is contaminated. The OEM Barksdale 9040 and 9080 series have various standard options that can be adapted to the spec...

Barksdale manual OEM valves series 6900-6940

SKU W-9000357
Barksdale's High Pressure OEM Valve range offers exceptional directional control for liquids up to 206 bar in the toughest industrial applications. Using Barksdale's Shear-Seal® technology, the OEM Valves provide reliable performance and long life, even if the medium is contaminated with debris that would damage ordinary valves. Different flow patterns are built into this OEM line of the "Close...

Barksdale electronic differential pressure switch series BDS3000 with IO-link

SKU W-9000490
The Barksdale BDS3000 series is an electronic differential pressure switch, designed for monitoring (hydraulic) filter systems. There are versions with one or two switching contacts, but also with an analog output, so that it can be used as a differential pressure transmitter. There are different measurement ranges from 350 mbar to 35 bar. The BDS3000 is suitable as filter monitoring, but can a...

Barksdale electronic pressure switch series BPS3000

SKU 2021344
The Barksdale BPS3000 series is an electronic pressure switch with optional transmitter output. The pressure switch is equipped with a LED display and is fully rotatable in the ideal position. The display and electrical connection can be rotated separately. In addition to the standard models the BPS300 can also be equipped out with other process connections, analog output or EPDM gaskets.

Barksdale ATEX pressure transmitters series 425X

SKU 2021170
The 425X series from Barksdale is a compact explosion-proof pressure transmitter. The compact size makes the 425X suitable as an OEM transmitter for machines and hydraulic powerpacks that are used in an ATEX zone. There are a large number of measuring ranges up to 689 bar relative pressure and optionally also absolute pressure.

Barksdale hydraulic level switch series UNS1000-BN18

SKU W-9000250
These compact level switches are ideal for monitoring hydraulic Power Packs. The UNS1000-BN18 are custom made with lengths up to 600 mm. Optional,a temperature monitoring can be mounted in the stem of the float.

Barksdale multi level switch series UNS1000-MS

SKU W-9000253
The brass multi float switches with NBR floats in the series UNS1000-VA are available with one to five switching points. These level switches for top mounting are custom made in any length up to one meter. With the standard 1 "BSP connection, these floats can be easily mounted into a socket on top of a tank.

Barksdale electronic level transmitter series BLS3000

SKU W-9000380
The BLS3000 is an electronic version of a traditional float switch. On the clear LCD display you can read the current level and with the built-in PNP contacts you can monitor a low or high level. In addition to the switching outputs, there are also versions with an analogue 4-20 mA, or 0-10 Volt output. The BLS3000 can be used as a float switch, but also as a level transmitter.

Barksdale PT100 temperature sensor UTF2 series

SKU 2023113
The Barksdale UTF2 temperature sensor is suitable for use in machine construction and hydraulics due to its compact size. The PT100 sensor has an insert length of 17 and 50 mm and has a diameter of 6 mm, optionally other lengths are also possible.
Kimo Sauermann

Kimo PT100 temperature sensor series THIR50

SKU W-9000384
The THIR50 series from Kimo is a temperature sensor with a DIN43650 connection. The sensor has a PT100 output. The optional thermowell enables assembly and disassembly without disturbing the process.

Barksdale temperature switch series T9692X

SKU W-9000385
The Barksdale T9692X series explosion-proof compact temperature switches are ideal for potentially explosive locations and heavy industrial applications. The compact and robust design makes the switches ideal for applications with little space. The switches are ATEX, CSA and UL certified for explosion-proof application. In addition to the ATEX Ex d certification, there is also a special intrins...

Barksdale temperature transmitter series UTA2

SKU 2013717
The Barksdale UTA2 temperature transmitter is suitable for use in machine construction and hydraulics because of its compact size. The temperature sensor has an insertion length of 17 and 50 mm and has a diameter of 6 mm, optionally other lengths are also possible.

Barksdale electronic temperature switch series BTS3000

SKU 2022743
The BTS3000 electronic temperature switch series offers a compact, reliable and flexible temperature measurement. The BTS3000 can be used as a thermostat, but can also optionally be equipped with an analog output, so that it also functions as a temperature transmitter. The temperature sensors can be put together according to their wishes. Different measuring ranges, process connection and plug-...

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