Room pressure monitoring for hospitals and pharmaceutical industrie

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Micatrone differential pressure transmitter series MF-PD

SKU 2009081
Micaflex MF-P / MF-PD is a pressure transmitter designed for low positive, negative and differential pressure in air-handling and ventilation systems where low pressure measuring is needed. They have an adjustable damping and a choice between a 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output. All transmitters can be delivered with or without a LCD display.

Produal differential pressure transmitter series PEL

SKU W-9000201
PEL - differential pressure transmitters are made for clean / isolation room applications. The zero point of the transmitter remains exact by means of the automatic zeroing, eliminating regularly possible zero point drifting. The PEL has 8 measuring ranges, all selectable at commissioning. Available with or without a display.

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