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Schiltknecht multifunctional thermo anemo hygrometer series MiniAir20

SKU W-9000405
The MiniAir®20 is a vane air velocity, hygrometer and thermometer in one instrument. The multifunction handheld measures flow of gaseous and fluid media, relative humidity and temperature. The high precision makes this handset particularly suitable for laboratory applications. For the measurement of flow in aggressive gases, there are also special stainless steel vane detectors.

Schiltknecht vane anemometer transmitter series MiniAir64

SKU W-9000406
The MiniAir64 vane anemometer measures the speed of gaseous media and water, with a direct 4-20mA output. The Swiss Precision MiniAir64 Vane probe is unique. The lamella rotation has a very low resistance and is not affected by pressure, temperature, density and humidity. The MiniAir64 is also available with an ATEX certificate.

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