Schneider Electric Instrument Area Network IAN

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The Instrument Area Network (IAN) has been developed by Schneider Electric as a cost-efficient and flexible industrial wireless network as an alternative to a complete WirelessHART system. The system can be fully integrated with an existing WirelessHART system, but deliberately opts for Bluetooth communication between the field sensors and data collectors. This is much more flexible and easier to install and saves a lot of costs.
How does it work?

The IAN system consists of wireless field sensors for measuring absolute and relative pressure, differential pressure and temperature. These measurements can be linked via Bluetooth to the so-called central collectors (WCC10). These collectors collect the measurement data from a maximum of 8 wireless field sensors and send them via WirelessHART to any system.

By choosing Bluetooth between the field sensors and collectors, the batteries of the field sensors last much longer than with a complete WirelessHART system. Local configuration is also a lot easier to do with an app for phone or tablet via Wifi. This makes Schneider Electric's Instrument Area Network the most cost-efficient, user-friendly and flexible wireless system on the market for the industry.

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