New Lufft weather stations connected to building management system

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Lufft compact weather station series WS600

SKU 2018698
The Lufft WS600-UMB is a product in the "WS" family compact weather stations. This station is equipped with a temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and Doppler radar rainfall measurement. The smart rain gauge "sees" whether it is raining or snowing. This rain gauge is maintenance free and is heated against frost. The integrated ultrasonic wind sensor measures wind speed and direction wit...
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HITMA masts for weather stations series HIT-WS

SKU 2020097
The Lufft weather stations can be fully customized by HITMA. We can mount the weather stations on a mast with optional features such as light intensity measurement, solar measurement and lightning protection. Below are some examples, there is much more customization possible.
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