Sauermann launches new line of Class 320 transmitters: indoor climate under strict control
Thursday, February 8, 2024

Sauermann launches new line of Class 320 transmitters: indoor climate under strict control

Sauermann is launching an updated line of transmitters, which are a successor to the Kimo models C 310 and CPE 310. This series, Class 320, is specially designed for laboratories, cleanrooms and other demanding, critically controlled environments where accurate measurements are essential. The Si-C320 and Si-CPE320 are multifunctional instruments that succeed the C310 and CPE 310 models, respectively.

Sauermann and KIMO

With 45 years of KIMO's experience in measurement, Sauermann inherits this expertise and perfects it with a new generation of top-class multifunction transmitters. The Si-C320 and Si-CPE320 are the successors to the reliable C 310 and CPE 310, which have proven their worth in several leading industries.


These new 320-class transmitters are equipped with a colour touchscreen and have an improved waterproof housing (IP66) that can withstand sterilisation processes with vaporised hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The Si-C320 is a fixed-mount device with 4 measurement channels, alarm and analogue or RS485 communication. The Si-CPE320 is a 3-channel built-in unit with a 316L stainless steel front panel. In addition, the transmitters come with a new mobile application called the Saurermann Control, available on Windows, iOS and Android, providing wireless access to all parameter setting options.

Accurate measurements

These highly accurate instruments are available with 15 new latest-generation probes, including differential pressure modules with temperature compensation and auto-calibration (Si-PRO-DP). They are ideally suited for use in clean rooms, thanks to built-in stainless steel thermo-hygrometric probes resistant to hydrogen peroxide, or for environments with high contamination levels, thanks to heated, contamination-resistant external probes.

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