Differential pressure monitoring in cleanrooms and operating rooms

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In a clean room or operating room an overpressure is created in relation to the surrounding areas. The overpressure is achieved by blowing more clean air into the room than is being extracted.
Differential pressure monitoring in an operating room

As a result of the overpressure, when opening a door there is always a flow of air from the inside out and harmful bacteria and viruses can not enter the clean room. In order to check whether the overpressure remains present, there must be a monitoring by means of a pressure difference measurement. Here, the pressure difference is measured between the clean room and the hallway or an air lock.

Air lock

In most cases there is an air lock between the corridor and the clean room. In operation rooms and clean rooms, the lock is used as a changing room, but also serves as an extra buffer between the (dirty) hallway and the clean room. An overpressure with respect to the corridor is often created in the lock. However, this is always smaller than the overpressure of the clean room, otherwise air could flow from the lock to the clean room.


Hitma Instrumentation offers various solutions for pressure difference monitoring and montoring. The possibilities range from differential pressure meters with audio-visual alarms that can be mounted flat in a wall and blind transmitters mounted above the ceiling, to customized solutions with touchscreen operation and red-green status indication.


Micatrone differential pressure transmitter series MF-PD

SKU 2009080
Micaflex MF-P / MF-PD is a pressure transmitter designed for low positive, negative and differential pressure in air-handling and ventilation systems where low pressure measuring is needed. They have an adjustable damping and a choice between a 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output. All transmitters can be delivered with or without a LCD display.
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Kimo Sauermann

Kimo differential pressure transmitter serie CPE310-S

SKU 2021684
The Kimo CPE310 differential pressure transmitter is the successor of the CPE300. The transmitter can be flush mounted in a wall and can be calibrated using special connectors from the front. The CPE310 has an internal buzzer with acceptance and delay. Optionally, an external sensor for temperature and humidity, can be connected, the display then scrolls between the values​​. The CPE310-S has 3...
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Hitma touchscreen room pressure monitor series ATM420

SKU 2029297
The ATM420 is a touchscreen display that is designed as audiovisual room pressure monitoring in clean rooms, operating rooms or isolation rooms. The display provides visual monitoring that functions as a traffic light. If the pressure difference is correct, the entire display will turn green and outside the desired values the display will turn red. In addition, the display has a built-in acoust...
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