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FinTek top mount level switch series FD7

SKU 2019828
The magnetic, explosion proof, level switches of FineTek are custom made​​. Length, number of switching points and fitment can be made ​​according to customer specifications. The level switches consist of high quality materials and are quality controlled. The function of the switch, NO or NC, is easily set by the user. All switches are available with explosion proof ATEX certificate.

FineTek side mounted float switch series FF10

SKU 2009839
FineTek's side mounted float level sensor are manufactured specifically for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel. The sensors have a marine approval or are intrinsically safe. Ideal for the process industry of maritime industry.

FineTek tuning fork level switch series SC2400

SKU 2020194
The SC2400 Series is a compact and inexpensive vibrating level switch by Finetek. The tuning fork is applicable in both liquids and bulk. The BSP threaded connection, transistor output and high temperature and pressure capacity of the SC2400 is an excellent solution for many installations. For more demanding apllications where the SC2400 is not sufficient, the SC series of FineTek offers many m...

FineTek vibration level switch series SC-Probe

SKU 2020197
The Finetek SC-Probe series works on the same principle as a tuning fork, but has the advantage that the sensor is in one piece. Thus, the medium can not sit between the sensor, which, in a traditional tuning fork can be the case. The SC2100 is the standard version that can be completely custom made​​, there is also an ATEX certified version, the SC1700.

FineTek compact OEM pressure switch series SQ

SKU 2023811
The FineTek SQ series pressure switch is ideal for building in industrial machines and hydraulic power packs due to its compact size. There are standard versions of 10 to 300 bar with an adjustable switching point and a DIN43650 form A connector for the electrical connection. Optionally there are also custom models with an NPT process connection, a fixed switching point and choice of other mate...

FineTek capacitance level transmitter series EB5200

SKU W-9000301
The FineTek EB5200 capacitance level transmitter measures a level by the difference in capacity between the probe and a metal tank wall. A reference probe is needed in case of non metalic tanks. The electronic capacitance measurement is not affected by noise, dust, fog and temperature changes.

FineTek FMCW radar level transmitter series JFR

SKU W-9000353
The JFR series, developed by Finetek, is a 26 GHz radar level transmitter that detects liquid, powder and bulk levels with contact. The 5-digit display shows level linear, but can also be programmed with a curve, for silo's or spherical shaped tanks. There are versions for normal liquids and solids, but also specifically for corrosive liquids. In addition to the 26GHz embodiment, there is also...

FineTek rotary paddle level switch series SE

SKU W-9000359
The SE series rotary paddle level switches are suitable for simple detection of solids and powders in bulk tanks, silos and containers. The paddle rotates with one rotation per minute, and switches a contact if powders, granules or other dry substances are present. The switch can be used as a level controller, or as a low or high level alarm detection.

FineTek capacitive level switch series SB

SKU W-9000360
The Finetek SB series capacitive level switch detects levels of liquids, powders and bulk. This is designed to reduce adhesion of the medium at the sensor to a minimum. This product offers a DPDT output for high or low level detection, adjustable delay and an adjustable sensitivity. Several models are available for high temperatures, or limited installation space.

FineTek optical level detection series SD

SKU W-9000361
The Finetek SD series optical level detection operates on the principle of reflection of light in a prism. If the sensor is surrounded by air, the light beam will be reflected on the sensor wall, and when it is surrounded by liquid, the light beam will be interrupted. The sensor thus detects a liquid level without any moving parts. It is a simple and robust solution for applications in for exam...

FineTek electro mechanical level measurement system series EE300

SKU W-9000362
The Finetek EE300 series electro mechanical level measurement provides solutions for the measurement of of bulk and powders levels where a radar or ultrasonic measuring principle does not work. The EE300 series lowers a weight along a cable and detects when it touches the surface. The length of the cable is then equal to the level. This process repeats and an analog output signal is generated,...

FineTek magnetostrictive level transmitter series EG

SKU W-9000400
The EG Series is a magnetostrictive level transmitter for accurately measuring levels of a wide range of fluids. This measurement principle sends a frequency pulse by the voice of the sensor with which it detects the magnitude of the magnet in the float. This modern measurement technique provides higher accuracy than traditional float level transmitters. The EG series can be performed with a si...

FineTek electromagnetic flowmeter series EPD30

SKU W-9000404
The FineTek EPD30 electromagnetic flowmeter offers industry a wide range of designs to meet even the most demanding process applications in diverse sectors such as chemistry, energy, oil and gas, metal and mining. The powerful transmitter is easy to use and delivers the output signal that meets your needs. EPD30 offers a versatile, reasonably priced, accurate flowmeter for your applications. Th...

FineTek temperature and level monitoring system for grain silos series EST

SKU W-9000416
The EST series is a temperature and level monitoring system for grain silos that consists of combined level and temperature sensors and a software package. The EST110 is only a temperature sensor and the EST120 is both temperature and level monitoring via a single cable. The installation is very simple due to the flexible cable.

FineTek mass flow meter for powder, granules and granules series MF3000

SKU W-9000467
The MF3000 flow meter for solids is designed for flow measurement in metal tubes from a few kg / hour to many tons / hour. The system is suitable for flow measurements of powders, granulates and granules from 1 nm to 2 cm in pneumatic or free-fall conditions. The measuring principle of the MF 3000 is based on the doppler effect, where microwaves are reflected by particles passing through the tu...

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