JRI LoRa SPY series

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The LoRa SPY series from JRI is ideal for wireless data logging across long distances. The LoRa SPY series can use public LoRa Networks from KPN, but also its own private LoRa network with its own gateways. The Data from the data loggers is sent directly to the MySirius cloud environment through the public or private LoRa network. The software keeps track of whether the measured values fall within the set boundaries and if needed can trigger alarms on the screen, per e-mail, or SMS.


JRI combined precision T/%RV sensor

The combined (Rotronic) high accuracy temperature and relative humidity sensor has been specially developed for measuring ambient conditions where high accur...

JRI CO2 sensor for incubators

JRI's CO2 sensor is specifically for measuring CO2 levels in incubators. This external sensor has high accuracy and good stability from 0 to 20%. The sensor...

JRI Gateway LoRa™

LoRa (Long Range) is a communication protocol and suitable for long-distance communication (up to +/-16 km in line of sight) with very little power. To set u...

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