Pressure gauges and monitoring for the marine industry

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Barksdale pressure switch series D1T-D2T

SKU 2005177
Metal diaphragm pressure switches with direct-acting pressure sensor and the snap-acting micro switch provide very high accuracy and long life span. Main features are that the wetted parts are welded, direct acting, no friction and high accuracy. Available with 1 (D1T) or 2 (D2T)setpoints. Measuring ranges from -0.006 ... -1 bar up to 0.005 ... 10.3 bar. Main applications are petrochemicals i...

Barksdale pressure transmitter series UPA2

SKU W-9000264
The Barksdale UPA2 series consists of very robust pressure transmitters with high accuracy. The UPA2 series is available in a pressure range of 1 bar up to 800 bar. These industrial pressure transmitters can also be used in shipping by the GL ship's approval.

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