JRI LoRA Temp serie

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The LoRa Temp series of data loggers from JRI consists of wireless temperature sensors for communication over large distances with a long-lasting battery. The LoRa Temp sensors communicate with the MySirius cloud platform where the measured values can be registered and secured. This way users can be alarmed directly when the temperature of a product goes outside of the desired range.

The communication between LoRa Temp data loggers and the MySirius software happens through the public LoRa network or a private LoRa network. The LoRa Temp temperature loggers are available in versions with internal or external temperature sensors. The LoRa Temp is very suitable for temperature monitoring during transport and storage of (for example) foodstuffs.



JRI's LoRa TEMP+T2/T2i data logger records and measures temperature thanks to a fixed external cable sensor. It is available with a length of 3 metres. Furth...

LoRa TEMP temperature data logger

JRI's LoRa TEMP data logger measures and records temperature with an internal sensor. This solution is ideal for measuring ambient conditions. The measuring...

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